With TOY-2, DUPLO®, BioBUDDi and compatible building blocks can be connected/combined with wooden train tracks from BRIO®, Thomas the Little Engine, Ikea and other identical wooden tracks.

Prolong the fun of the toys you already have

How do you keep kids interested in their old toys?
Combine their existing toys with TOY2 track connectors.

Create new possibilities with their DUPLO® or compatible building blocks in conjunction with BRIO® or similar wooden tracks and spark new interest in these toys Build new, challenging and creative constructions.

Building without limits

Up, down, over, under, through and over doorsteps.

Let your imagination run wild by combining building blocks and tracks with the track connectors.

TOY2 Track Connectors makes it possible to connect wooden train tracks (e.g. from BRIO® or IKEA®) with DUPLO® bricks or similar.

With each other - Connect

With this you and your children can:

  • Build great wooden train tracks
  • build together, despite age difference
  • construct fun and challenging structures even for adults
  • give new life to old toys and allow them to last much longer.
  • Encourage more playtime away from digital to analog.

TOY^2 rail connector connects not only toys, but also children and adults!

TOY-2 rail connectors connects not only toys, but also children and adults!

Toy-2 parts are produced and packed from recyclable plastic in Europe. The cardboard packaging is FSC and of course CE certified.

All TOY-2 track connectors are designed to have the same height for the tracks, resulting in a stable and level railroad track - even when ambitions grow.

All track connectors are designed to be placed in the middle of DUPLO®, BiOBUDDi panels and the like to allow the greatest possible freedom and creativity in building.

How the different TOY-2 rail connectors work

Basic connector (T2-TC-01 Connector)

With the base connector you can connect building blocks with wooden rails.

It has been designed with some play in the connecting part so that it is compatible with different brands/ages of wooden rails but can be firmly connected to bricks from DUPLO®, BiOBUDDi or similar.

The construction makes it possible to place the connector in the middle of stones and larger slabs.

The base connector is the simplest of the track connectors and is the easiest to use for smaller children. And it is the be-all and end-all for great wooden railway constructions.

A great feature of the base connector is that the hole has been deepened and the tip lowered slightly, which together with the slack allows for building up (or down) with regular wooden rails. For both curved and straight tracks.

 (T2-TC-02 Straight Connector)

The straight connectors are great when you need extra support or the distance between two pylons is not enough to connect the tracks properly.

They are also designed with a certain amount of leeway, so that they can be built flexibly, even if the destination of the track is a little off.

When building advanced tracks, this connector is very useful.

An essential tool in the big track builder's toolbox.

Change connector female or male (T2-TC-05 Direction Changers)

The double male and female connectors make it possible to change the "direction" of the tracks.

This leads to more flexibility in track construction when using splitters and connecting the ends of the tracks.

This is even more important when using the track connector's function of building up and down with regular track, as the male side of the connector should face down and the female side should face up.

Therefore, direction changers are also very important when scaling up constructions (which children and parents tend to do).

That's why these are included in most boxes - and a special box is available that contains many of them. (Change of direction)

Anchorage/Bending (T2-TC-03 Anchor)

The "anchor" holds curved rails and rail switches in place with a bracket in the recess under the rail.

It's probably the link that causes the most confusion and leaves most people perplexed.

While a bit odd, it's very versatile and ideal when using high up Y-splitters or rails in a spot with a lot of rocks.

It is excellent for supporting the track at various points by attaching two or three of these, with the small spigot holding the track in place from the outside.

This is especially important when many building blocks are used in constructions.

Crossing (T2-TC-06 Intersection)

The crossing allows you to cross tracks and create a more exciting track. The tracks can not only cross over and under each other, but can also be crossed.

It fits snugly (and tightly) on 2×2 bricks (e.g. DUPLO®), but can also be placed in the middle of a build plate.

With the crossing track connector, it is possible to build very "spaghetti-like" and intricate tracks in a small space.

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