Playing with numbers and understanding mathematics


Newméro stones help children learn numbers and help you understand mathematics.

The number learning stones are suitable for children who are curious as well as for children who are not so interested in numbers or have problems with arithmetic.

It is difficult for children to understand numbers at the beginning when they are simply written on a piece of paper.

Numbers and number comprehension are deciphered and learned playfully, by touching the various stones with haptic properties such as nubs and puzzle prongs, or simply by laying them on top of each other, down next to each other and next to each other.

The concept of Newméro bricks is to turn the abstract decimal system into a physical play and learning experience.

Just play with your child - you will see how easy math can be!

Best STEM TOY 2022 + 14 other AWARDS.

Since the launch of newmero bricks, we have received many international awards.


The newmero brick may look simple, but it has many features that help children find the solution.

The building blocks

A. Counting buttons

B. Digit value

C. Stacking/connecting button

D. Right puzzle pattern

E. Left puzzle pattern

F. Bottom

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The design briefly explained

The number stones were specially designed for solving first arithmetic problems. Thanks to the number stones children learn the decimal system quickly and understandably.

  • Identify and build numbers
  • Counting and sorting
  • Discovering the number range up to 10
  • Addition and subtraction

Who is bigger?

The math game «Who is bigger?» teaches children the size ratio of numbers in a playful way. To do this, fill all the yellow number stones into the bag. The player with the larger number wins and may take both stones.

Who are the friends of the number 10?

The number stones from newmero help children discover the good friend of a number. The stones simply have to be placed next to each other on the serrated pattern and immediately you can see whether it is the good friend of the number or not. This works not only with tens, but also with hundreds and thousands of numbers.

The decimal system using the example of the number 523

With the number stones from newmero, large and small numbers can be created. The decimal system can be this simple.

Educational game number kitchen

This is a fun math game to practice adding numbers. The kids may not understand how they figured out the sum, but it gives them confidence that they are able to count big numbers.

Sort numbers

A fun educational game to learn how to put numbers in the right order. The design of the number tiles supports children in their first arithmetic operations.


With the Newmero bricks you can playfully train mathematical skills at an early age.

Several research studies have shown that preschool / early learning of young children improves academic performance in math and reading!

The number bricks have a clean and simple design. Your child will love playing with these colorful stones.

You will quickly find that these number bricks are used to solve tasks - we call it «the self-direction of with number bricks».

This will boost your child's self-confidence by helping them figure out math connections on their own.

The Newmero stones are an innovative educational toy for children aged 3-9 years.

They consist of a series of colorful, physically numbered stones. The Number Stones are designed to help children experience the joy of numbers in a playful and self-understanding way, improving their mathematical skills through games and exercises.

They consist of a set of colorful, physically numbered stones. The number bricks are designed to help children experience the joy of numbers in a playful and self-understanding way, improving their mathematical skills through games and exercises.

  • Identify and assemble numbers
  • Counting and sorting
  • Add to ten («Ten Friends») and then higher.
  • Perform additions and subtractions.

Here are a few videos of Danish boys doing some simple exercises with Newméro.


The students learn numbers and the basic charges of mathematics in a playful way by trying and discovering.

Understanding the context of mathematics:

Meaning of the numbers

  • Recognizing numbers (ordering number symbols by sound or names of numbers)
  • Counting
  • Comparing numbers (which number is bigger / smaller?)
  • Enumerating and sorting numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,?)
  • Patterns of numbers (with and without colors)

Addition / Subtraction

  • Multiple Addtitions Games
  • Adding with one-digit numbers - shows the connection
  • Connections to 10 / Friends of 10
  • Connections to 100
  • Connections to 1000
  • Multiple subtraction games

Decimal system / Positioning values / Number sequence

  • Composing and decomposing small and large numbers (breaking down)
  • Combinatorics (142, 241, 412, ...))


  • Single and multi-digit multiplication
  • Geometric stacking
  • Building figures


The Newmero building blocks support cooperative learning between children with different mathematical abilities.

Thanks to the «autonomous design» of the kit, children can find solutions or help each other, saving the teacher time to find the overview of the class.

Newméro offers a «kindergarten pack» and a "school pack" that are perfect for class exercises.

We recommend one bag per group of 4 to 5 children to play with


Watch the full school instructional video or kindergarten educational video that explains the bricks, many exercises, and the benefits of using them.

Note that for kindergarten you will probably use only yellow and green bricks, so you can skip the last exercises, since they are for children 6 years and older.

There are also some exercises that support cooperative learning between children at different math levels, like the «Boil the numbers» math game.

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