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How does Light my Bricks work?

Find the right light set

Light my Bricks has made lighting LEGO® sets a child's play. Just browse through our extensive range of lighting kits (light sets) that go with your favorite set.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan, collect cars or build your own city with LEGO® modular building sets - Light my Bricks offers you the most popular LEGO® Sets a complete light or sound extension set.

You can equip your self-made works with lights and light effects using lighting components from Light my Bricks. You will find a large selection of corresponding components in the DIY range.

Install and connect

You haveno experience with electronics? No problem, you don't need them either.

The Light my Bricks online PDF step-by-step installation instructions (picture by picture with little English text) guides you step-by-step through the installation of all the parts included in the set.

And best of all, you don't have to disassemble your already built LEGO® sets. The Light my Bricks instructions are designed to complement the LEGO® sets you have already assembled.

Switch on and be amazed

As soon as you have installed your light set in your model, simply switch it on and be amazed how the built-in Light my Bricks light, effect and/or sound components transform your LEGO®< /sup> set come to life!

You can also control the lights of several sets at once with the Light my Bricks remote control . Add cool effects to make your LEGO® collection even more realistic, or apply your own sound effects to take it to the next level!

Bring your LEGO® sets to life